The signs on the Pawn Shop.


The Pawn Shop is where The Old Man, Rick, Corey, and Chumlee work. Founded in 1988, it is currently 22 years old.


The outside has signs saying "World Famous", "Open 24 hrs.", "Gold and Silver" , "Pawn Shop" , and more. It is painted tan, and is shaped like a rectangular prizm.


The inside has counters that have jewlery, spoons, earrings, necklaces, rings, gold, silver, and more. On shelves, there is a samurai sword, sumo figurines, a golden clock, glass figures, sculptures, and more. One of the firgurines didn't sell for 6 years!

The office has some movies, 2 computers, records, signs saying "No public restrooms" and some chairs. A hallway leads to a restroom, and the Back room, where the items that were pawned are held untill their owners come back for them. If they don't Rick owns them and must make a profit on them.


In Pawn Stars you may see a boat dealer, A mechanical shop for mulitple items, and more, such as mueseum offices.


  • The Old Man founded that place because he wanted to start fresh again, after he lost money in the real-estate business.
  • Rick says he own 50% percent of the shop, while Corey and Chumlee own nothing. This is false, as the Old Man says Rick owns 49% of the shop.
  • Many more employees work there, such as a secretary, a security guard, and a person whom works part time.
  • There was a contest that offered a free day of Internship at the Pawn Shop.
  • Pawn Shops in China are called 押.